Agency Care Work

We find work for care workers and healthcare support workers in the North of England. From our base in Sheffield we provide agency care work for qualified people who want to work in the NHS, private care homes and medical centres.

There is a constant demand from hospitals and care homes for qualified and experienced care workers to cover shifts and to take on short term contracts to cover sickness and absence. We help them to maintain safe staffing levels and good quality care by providing agency workers to them

Types of Work Available

From our base in Sheffield we find placements for care workers all over Yorkshire and the North of England. There is a wide variety of work available for qualified and experienced care workers. We do a lot of placements with NHS hospitals to help them fill shifts. Typically we will get a list of available shifts a few days in advance and then offer these out to local care and support workers who have the right experience and qualifications.

As well as placing care workers and support workers into NHS hospitals there is constant demand from care homes to cover sickness and staff shortages as well as demand for people to fill short-term and long-term contracts.

When you sign up with us we will discuss your qualifications and work experience as well as the types of work you prefer. We always aim to place agency care workers where they have the right experience and in placements that they will enjoy. Due to the fact that many of the placements we have are for single shifts or groups of shifts we can often find work to fit round your other commitments.

Why Work With Us

Pillar Nursing Placements was founded by, and is run by, an NHS nurse. We feel we have a responsibility to both our care workers and the organisations where we are placing them to find the right people for the job. Ultimately if we send you to work a shift you do not have the experience or qualifications for you are not going to be happy and patient care is going to suffer. This is not what we want to happen.

Unlike some other care work agencies we spend the time to understand what you want and where you will best fit. We know that many of our care and support workers are picking up extra shifts alongside a full-time job, childcare commitments or education. We always try to be considerate of this when offering shifts and to find you work that will fit with your life.

Perhaps the biggest reason to pick us when looking for agency care work is that we pay more than almost all of our competitors. We deliberately keep out profit margins small so that you get more of the money and the to reduce the cost to the NHS. We also pay weekly so you get your cash faster.

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