Agency Work for Nurses

We provide agency work for nurses across Yorkshire and the North of England. Hospitals across the UK need a constant supply of agency nurses to fill shifts. We help them meet their staffing needs by providing qualified and experienced nurses to them for single shifts, short term contracts and permanent placements. If you are a qualified nurse we want to hear from you!

There is a constant demand for agency nurses to work in the NHS and private hospitals. We can offer you flexible hours and top rates of pay. You can work as many or few shifts as you like and can tell us how far you are willing to travel and which hospitals you prefer to work at. We always have plenty of work available for good nurses.

Where You Can Work

We are based in Sheffield and place nurses across Yorkshire and the North of England. Although we place nurses into private hospitals and care homes the majority of our placements are into NHS hospitals.

All NHS hospitals have to maintain minimum staffing levels on their wards. Where they are unable to find enough nurses from their own pool of workers they rely on agencies like Pillar Nursing Placements to find them the nurses that they need. Because the hospitals try to use their own staff first the shifts that become available to agency nurses tend to be released two or three days before the nurses are needed. When we get lists from the hospitals of the nurses they need we will try to match them against local nurses, and nurses who have a preference for particular hospitals. As well as these kind of short term single shift placements we also place nurses to do longer-term contracts covering for maternity and sick leave and we place nurses for permanent placements.

Why Work With Us

Pillar Nursing Placements was founded by, and is run by, an NHS nurse. Having worked as a regular NHS nurse and as an agency nurse we have seen how the industry has developed over the years. We have seen a lot of agencies come into the market who are only interested in how much profit they can make and don’t pay much attention to which nurses they are placing where. As nurses ourselves our interest is in making sure the right nurses get placed in the right positions for their experience and qualifications. This way patients will get the best possible level of care and the nurses will have a more enjoyable experience. We also take great care to place nurses in hospitals they want to work in and to try and find shifts that will fit around their other commitments.

As well as taking care in where and when we place nurses we also feel it is important to make sure that most of the money the NHS is paying out goes directly to the nurses working the shifts. We deliberately keep our profit margins small so that we can pass on more money to the nurses we work with and save the NHS money at the same time.

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